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We offer a range of facial treatments tailored to individual skin needs, including revitalizing facials, anti-aging therapies, acne treatments, and skin rejuvenation procedures.
Our facial treatments cater to individuals seeking skin hydration, rejuvenation, acne management, anti-aging solutions, and overall skin health improvement regardless of age or skin type.
Yes, our facial treatments are conducted by skilled aestheticians using safe and clinically-proven products and techniques. We customize treatments based on skin type, concerns, and desired outcomes for effective and satisfying results.
The frequency of facial treatments depends on individual skin needs and treatment goals. Our experts assess your skin during consultations and recommend an appropriate treatment schedule, typically ranging from monthly to quarterly sessions for optimal results.
Facial Harmony at Global Hair Dubai: Enhance your natural beauty with our facial treatments. From revitalizing facials to anti-aging therapies, our skilled team crafts personalized solutions to complement your hair restoration journey. Experience radiant skin and renewed confidence with Global Hair Dubai’s comprehensive facial care.

Our Procedures

At Global Hair Dubai, we specialize in advanced hair transplant procedures including FUE and FUT techniques. Our skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities ensure natural-looking results, restoring your hairline and confidence with precision and care.

Facials That Make You Beam!

Why Choose Global Hair Dubai? Our center combines world-class expertise, cutting-edge technology, and personalized care for exceptional hair restoration results. With a dedicated team of skilled surgeons and a commitment to excellence, we restore not just your hair but also your confidence and quality of life.
Why Global Hair Center?
Your Number 1 Destination For Hair Transplant in Dubai, offering cutting-edge solutions for hair restoration with expert care and precision.
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